The keystone of Friuli-Venezia Giulia intermodality is represented by the new marshalling yard of Cervignano (Udine's province), that began working in spring 1997 and by the contiguous interporto"Alpe Adria",operating since 1998.

Unfolded on an area wide 1 million square metres,it is foreseen that by the end of the beginning period, in 2001, 350.000 tons of goods will be shifted every year.

The interport structure(placed 11 km from Portonogaro, 29 km from the harbour of Monfalcone and 48 km from the harbour of Trieste), in its effective entirety will be able to count on areas for shifting and iron-rubber import export movements, three strips of tracks 750 metres long each,75.000 square metres of storehouses, sorting and resting depots, workshop, transport refuelling and washing, and executive and administrative offices, telematic, financial, insurance and custom services.